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Niche Product Tracker

Discover all the ins and outs of the market to sell the right products successfully. The product tracker shows you our unique data. Think of prices, trends, competitors, keywords and much more. So you'll be the first to know which products to invest in and see the most complete product data.

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Sally sells wireless phone chargers through various marketplaces. She used to work in ministry, but a hard day's earnings now dwarf her revenue as an e-commerce entrepreneur: less time and more profits. With e-pickr, she makes her business successful and knows exactly what to sell in her online store.

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Too often industry leaders focus on revenues at the expense of cost-of-goods-sold (COGS), but things like shipping and commissions greatly impact your bottom line. Nichepickr uses a sophisticated algorithm and millions of data points including variables that can identify various aspects of a successful product. We divided these aspects into four categories:

📈 Buyer Demand
What exactly is the market demand? What are the sales and revenue? How many conversions does this product make? And how often is this product searched for? You can now easily find this in Nichepickr's Buyer Demand.

🔎 Competitor Check
How much competition is there already on this search term? Are there already many similar products in the market? How optimized are your competitors' listings? You can find this clearly in Nichepickr's Competitor Check.

💎Financial Fit
Does this product make enough sales per month? Is this product making too many sales per month? Can you buy enough stock to continue offering this product? How much budget do you need to launch this product? The Financial Fit score answers these questions in the Nichepickr

💸Profit Potential
Is the profit margin for this product large enough? Aren't the FBA Fees, commissions and shipping costs too high? Is there any profit left for your business in the end? You'll find out with the Financial Fit score.

💻Use your desktop view for the best experience

As an online entrepreneur, you can now work from any corner of the world. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Not only do you keep track of sales and purchases via that laptop, but also dealing with customer inquiries and product research are now a piece of cake.

With a larger screen you can perform all these tasks faster and more efficient. e-pickr® helps you with your product research easily, with our app optimized for use on desktop screen sizes only. Get the most out of our platform and log in on your laptop or desktop for an optimal experience.

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