07 February 2022

Who the h#ck do we think we are? #2

Who the h#ck do we think we are? #2

From the success of “who the H#ck do we think we are? #1”, we have made a second introduction round with more professionals that support you via e-pickr®. Entrepreneurship, development and e-commerce are no longer hyped up words, we are here to give them value to you! As you have seen in the prior blog about our board and partners, we have quiet an arsenal of knowledge and experience. We are not your next guru or masterclass. How can you give a Masterclass without having a Master of Science anyways!?

Director Joosten (Partner)

As a charming CEO in charge of over 50 hardworking employees, mr. Joosten has become an early partner of e-pickr®. He recognized the potential in our very first conversation and bit his dragon teeth in our young start-up. 🐉

In charge of our marketing and branding, he and his entire team are dedicated to find every e-commercer or starting entrepreneur in the corners of our tiny country. We want to convince you that there is a profitable way to do your e-commerce, or that e-commerce can become easier and more straightforward than ever before. Oh and have I mentioned cheaper and greener too? Let us make make an agreement: If you have not heard of us by the end of the year, let us know and we will find our beloved partner!

Director De Bok (Advisory Board)

To complete our board full of academic and street-wise knowledge, let me introduce our perhaps most successful entrepreneur in the team, mr. De Bok. Over time, he has proven himself to be the right man for the job when it comes to leadership, analytical tasks and… Chocolate!? 🍫🍪

Yes, you read that correct, we have a true “investment sweet spot” in our own board. As it turns out in several research articles, in the end, management comes from the individual. Either through hunch feeling or analytical frameworks, but no matter the origin of the product - data or your favorite snack - with the right team in position, every organization can thrive. So, what are you waiting for? Find out if you are a real entrepreneur and use e-pickr® as professional partner for your successful team!

With his webshop and an arsenal of creative designs, Christiaan sells his products monthly to hundreds of customers. By first comparing trends in Salespickr, he knows where he can make the most significant sales. Thanks to e-pickr, Christiaan spends his time on his webshop much more effectively. Optimize your product offering to only what your customers actually want to buy, together with e-pickr. 

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