04 February 2023

Selling successfully via bol.com: tips & tricks for e-commerce entrepreneurs

The gap in the market: exploit the opportunity for e-commerce

E-commerce is the future of sales, and bol.com is the sales partner for successful selling in this digital world. As an entrepreneur, you have probably heard of the term "gap in the market. This means that a need still needs to be met or is barely being met. If you recognize this, it makes sense to capitalize on it. One way to achieve this is to sell those products through e-commerce platforms like bol.com, where this gap still needs to be filled.


Best-selling products on bol.com: adapting supply to demand

In fact, on bol.com, you will find a vast range of products sold to millions of customers daily. This means a large audience is looking for the products you offer. So if you know what these millions of potential customers want, you can make good money. Determining the most successful strategy has everything to do with properly researching the market. Moreover, the best-selling products on bol.com indicate the demand for specific products on other markets, such as Amazon or eBay.


Become a reseller on bol.com: take advantage of large-scale purchasing.

As a reseller on bol.com, you can sell products without having to stock yourself. If you buy your stock from wholesalers (within or outside Europe), you can place it directly into the store at bol.com. You don't have to process orders yourself, and your packages are delivered from the Bol.com warehouse directly to the customer.

You can take advantage of bol.com's large-scale purchasing discounts and support, which means you have less work running an e-commerce business. This creates a win-win situation because you sell products at a reasonable price with an ample margin and spend less time on your e-commerce adventure, leaving more time for yourself.


How to sell best on bol.com: tips for a successful sale

But what is the best way to sell on bol.com? It is essential to describe the product and use good images. It's also wise to use different product categories in your offer. As bol.com sellers often do, you want to appeal to as broad an audience as possible for more chances of sales. This allows you to reach a larger audience and increase your sales.


What sells well on bol.com: focus on health, beauty and lifestyle

What sells well on bol.com? This, of course, depends on the product group and current events. Still, products related to health, beauty and lifestyle often do well. Products aimed at a specific target group, such as children or animals, can also sell well. Investing in these and adjusting your offerings accordingly to demand is wise.

By demand, we mean not only what is bought online but also what is searched for online. If a product is already being offered, you have a competitor, which can lead to price corrosion. Still, if you find a product that is being searched for a lot but is new or yet to be offered, you have a better chance of getting the sale and making money.


Starting your own business with bol.com: investing in the success

Starting your own business through bol.com is an intelligent choice. After all, you have access to a large audience and can benefit from the advantages of e-commerce. Make sure you are well prepared and take the proper steps to sell successfully on bol.com.

Create a comprehensive product description, use good images and sell in different categories. Stay on top of the best-selling products on bol.com and adjust your offer to the demand. If you follow these tips, you will see that starting your own business through bol.com is the right choice to grow your business successfully in e-commerce.


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