Student StartUps EU 

Congratulations to all the participants of the European pitch competition organized by Student Startups EU! EU Startups is incredibly proud of the emerging generation of entrepreneurs and the remarkable talent showcased by all the participants.

As an organization, EU Startups is dedicated to guiding and supporting student and PhD startups, even up to 5 years after their studies. They are thrilled to see the entrepreneurial dreams of young talents taking shape and further professionalizing.

In particular, they congratulate e-pickr for their participation in the pitch competition in Ghent in June 2023.

Unbounded Support

For those looking to grow their startups, EU Startups is delighted to provide support through their Unbounded program. More information about this program is available on their website.

EU Startups is passionate about breaking down silo mentality by bringing all stakeholders together. Whether it's connecting startups with investors and mentors, providing access to capital and resources, or creating an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, EU Startups helps startups reach their full potential and contributes to the growth and prosperity of Europe.

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They are actively seeking individuals and organizations committed to making a difference. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, or simply someone who wants to get involved, EU Startups welcomes you to join them on this journey. For more information, you can contact them through their website.

EU Sartups Café

Lastly, EU Startups invites everyone to visit the Startups Café in Ghent, Belgium. Located in the heart of the city, the café offers an inspiring setting for various startup events, including networking meetups, product launches, and pitches.

Learn more about EU Startups on their website