The United Nations has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, inequality, and climate change by 2030. E-pickr, a company in the e-commerce and online retail industry, contributes to achieving several SDGs.

One way e-pickr achieves this is by helping customers better estimate demand for products, leading to less waste and more responsible consumption. This can prevent the yearly disposal of around $732 billion worth of goods. By reducing energy, production, and money waste to zero, sellers can increase revenue and profit while reducing the industry's carbon footprint, equivalent to more than 100 Wembley Stadiums filled with unsold stock annually.

In addition to providing software solutions, e-pickr offers education programs to raise its customers' awareness of the impact of their activities on the environment. These programs provide practical tips and guidelines for reducing CO2 emissions and improving business sustainability.

No Poverty

Firstly, e-pickr contributes to SDG 1: No Poverty. Through its software and education, e-pickr helps people worldwide set up their e-commerce businesses, enabling them to generate a fair and equal income, regardless of their economic situation or geographical location.

Quality Education

E-pickr also contributes to SDG 4: Quality Education. Through education programs, e-pickr helps people set up e-commerce businesses and reduce waste. By sharing this knowledge, the company contributes to developing skills and knowledge necessary for a sustainable future.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

E-pickr supports SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. By helping people set up their own business, e-pickr enables them to promote their economic growth. Additionally, e-pickr helps online sellers grow their businesses, leading to more employment.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

With its software and education programs, e-pickr also contributes to SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. By helping its customers estimate demand for products, e-pickr reduces waste and promotes responsible consumption. This leads to a more sustainable and innovative industry.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Furthermore, e-pickr contributes to SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. By helping people set up their own businesses and teaching them how to produce responsibly, e-pickr reduces waste and CO2 emissions associated with producing and consuming goods.

Climate Action

Finally, e-pickr contributes to SDG 13: Climate Action. By reducing waste and CO2 emissions, e-pickr helps reduce the e-commerce industry's impact on the climate.

E-commerce is an industry that has become indispensable to the world economy, but there are also many opportunities for improvement to make this necessary economy more sustainable. A simple example is providing education and tips on inventory procurement. With the right ordering interval, you will never run out of stock, but you also won't need planes for expedited deliveries. A cargo ship can carry significantly more cargo than a plane, making it more sustainable in terms of CO2 per kg per kilometer, but you will face longer waiting times.

Therefore, good inventory management is crucial. This can be done in the long term with e-pickr, for example. From the number of inventory items to a calculation of cost savings (and CO2 savings), all calculations can be quickly made through e-pickr. This way, you know what cost savings you are providing to your company, and what CO2 emissions you are saving the environment!

Partnerships for the Goals

E-pickr also demonstrates commitment to SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals by collaborating with customers and suppliers to achieve these goals together.

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