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So in the Calculatr, you add the numbers and let us do the math. We included the data from Bol.com and Amazon in determining your cost of sales. After all, commissions and shipping costs are often a bigger expense than you see before. So it's a good idea to get the numbers right and easily understandable before you purchase your inventory.

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Where does Luc do product research so successfully?

Luc sells festival earbuds and phone cases through Amazon. By buying smart, he is never stuck with stock. Luc knows exactly how much he earns from his products because he uses Nichepickr and Calculatr. This only takes him a few hours of his time each week instead of spending days researching products that ultimately prove to be unsuccessful. His store is growing fast and sales are growing nicely along with it. 

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As an online entrepreneur, you can now work from any corner of the world. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Not only do you keep track of sales and purchases via that laptop, but also dealing with customer inquiries and product research are now a piece of cake.

With a larger screen you can perform all these tasks faster and more efficient. e-pickr® helps you with your product research easily, with our app optimized for use on desktop screen sizes only. Get the most out of our platform and log in on your laptop or desktop for an optimal experience.

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You can choose to include Delivery via Bol.com or Fulfilment by Amazon in yourcost analysis. You can also easily add your own shipping method and quickly see what the cheapest shipping option is. So by letting the numbers do the work first, you can decide whether you'd rather sell through Amazon or Bol.com. Only inventory holding costs are not included in Caluculatr due to their variability per country, location and product type, volume and weight. 

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