01 May 2023

Why it doesn't make sense to obtain competitor data on Bol.com and why Amazon tools are better for Bol.com

As a seller on Bol.com, you want to assemble the most profitable product range, but how do you do that exactly? Many sellers think that obtaining competitor data on Bol.com is the solution, but is it? In this blog, we will explain why obtaining competition data on Bol.com is not as effective as it seems and why Amazon tools are better for Bol.com.

Visible data of competitors means competition already exists 

When you obtain competitor data, there is a high chance that the competitor is already ahead of you in optimizing their product range and maximizing their profit. This means that you are playing catch-up and only improving upon yourself. Instead, it is better to think ahead and look for ways to add new, profitable products to your range, instead of simply trying to keep up with competitors.

Using data that is known to everyone 

On Bol.com, all product data is accessible to everyone, so every seller can find and use the same information to optimize their assortment. This makes it difficult to gain a competitive advantage simply by using the same data as your competitors. For a more complex academic approach to the above problems, we have an overview of economic concepts that you should read. It's tough material, but it explains, among other things, why you need to keep lowering your prices when your competitor does so. We also explain how you can escape this downward spiral.

Fishing in the same pond with all 50,000 sellers

On Bol.com, there are many sellers all competing for the same customers and profitable products. If you limit your assortment to only the products already sold by others, you will quickly find that the competition is fierce and the margins are low. It's essential to look at other channels to find and offer new, profitable products.

Why Amazon tools are better for Bol.com 

Instead of trying to compete on Bol.com, it can be much more effective to expand your assortment on other platforms, such as Amazon. Amazon provides a vast amount of data and product information that you can use to find and launch new, profitable products. Using Amazon tools can help you discover new opportunities that you may not have seen otherwise, allowing you to expand your assortment further and reach more potential customers. 

Self-proclaimed price war 

Another reason why it doesn't make sense to obtain competitor data on Bol.com is that you can end up in a race to the bottom. If you try to match your competitors' prices continually, the profit margin may become smaller and smaller. The result may be that you eventually make no profit, or even suffer a loss. It's important to determine your strategy and not let your competitors' actions lead you too much. 

Where can you find new, untapped data? 

But if you are still looking for products to sell on Bol.com, where is the best place to look? A good option is to look at Amazon's 300 million products. These products are often not yet available on Bol.com and can, therefore, be a valuable addition to your assortment. An Amazon tool can help you quickly and efficiently find the best products to sell on Bol.com. For example, you can filter based on a product's popularity, profit margin, and competition on the platform.

But why is an Amazon tool better than a Bol.com tool? 

Firstly, the assortment on Amazon is much larger than on Bol.com, giving you more choice. Additionally, with an Amazon tool, you can more easily find products that are not yet sold on Bol.com and, therefore, not present in Bol.com's data. An Amazon tool also often offers more and better filter options than a Bol.com tool.

In short, obtaining competitor data on Bol.com is not very useful because your competitors will already have a head start, and you can end up in a race to the bottom. Therefore, it's better to focus on finding new products, such as on Amazon, and adding them to your assortment on Bol.com. An Amazon tool can help you with this and often provides more options than a Bol.com tool.undefinedDiscover e-pickr®