03 January 2022

Who the h#ck do we think we are?

Now that you have found our website and blogs, you might be wondering what the h#ck this is all about! Why would we share thousands of successful products and all available data about them at a price so low? In this blog you will find out who we are and what we stand for!


After experiencing the bare minimum of minimum wages we concluded that there must be a better way to support entrepreneurs in their journey to their dreams with paychecks higher than a €15 per hour job. We want to show you that an e-commerce business is a real feasible and lucrative way to create an extra source of income.

Though, obviously we cannot achieve such a big statements without some strong management team and board to advice our business and partners on how to be of most value. Allow me to introduce some of the members in our team. 💪🏼

Professor Emeritus Dr. Foppen (Advisory Board)

With over 75 years of life experience, studied at Harvard, Massachusetts, having worked at Rotterdam School of Management, Esade School of Business, Barcelona, and Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics, we can speak of a true encyclopedia of entrepreneurship and innovation. We are absolutely proud to have Dr. Foppen in our advisory board, as his knowledge automatically becomes your knowledge, though his role in the board on strategy and partnership. Also, he will be present in our vlogs that we will be working on next to our upcoming tools.

Unique content, not from self-named entrepreneurs or gurus, but prerecorded lectures from an academic genius. What more can you wish for? 🎓

Mr. van der Horst (Advisory Board)

Next to our academic achievements and network, we do value a great amount of experience, represented by our second board member, Mr. van der Horst. This respectable man has served as former Vice President at Rabobank International, Director Général at UNICO banking Group, and in many other Boards as a beacon of knowledge. For all our programming and coding, we need to make a thorough analysis of its costs and benefits. With Mr. van der Horst we are almost certain to invest every Euro as well as we can to bring the most value directly to you. 🏦

No, we do not need to offer a reduction of €999 on some wacky courses, we directly bring you the best price for the highest quality.

Director Melis (Partner)

In charge of an army of developers, strengthened by the hard experiences in life and as (co-)founder in several tech start-ups, sir Melis has earned his stripes in the industry of data information systems. Together with our partners we have developed the best tool the Dutch market has seen so far. Not only are we capable to keep our cost structures low, we are also scalable to your best needs. Walk through our platform and see the high UX and optimal design with constant feedback loops in place. If you want to be an original e-pickr®, become a beta tester and get access to new tools first. Freshly developed under Melis’s command.

We stand for the best quality data and highest efficiency. If we cannot tell you more about a product, then trust me: nobody can! So find you next product and start selling! 🤖

With his webshop and an arsenal of creative designs, Christiaan sells his products monthly to hundreds of customers. By first comparing trends in Salespickr, he knows where he can make the most significant sales. Thanks to e-pickr, Christiaan spends his time on his webshop much more effectively. Optimize your product offering to only what your customers actually want to buy, together with e-pickr. 

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