14 April 2023

What to do now after retirement? Ever thought of selling online?

If you are retired and stop working because of your age, you may wonder if the money you receive is enough to make up for lost purchasing power. A recent article by EenVandaag questions whether retirees receive enough money to make up for their loss of purchasing power. According to financial expert Martin Visser, most pension funds can index pensions and increase pension benefits, but whether this happens depends on several factors. These are out of your control and that 40 years of work? It might render you a whole lot less than you thought.

As a retiree, it can be lucrative to set up your own business, such as a web shop or sell through bol.com. Setting up an e-commerce business these days is easy, costs little money, and offers much flexibility. This can be an excellent addition to your retirement. You can even run it from a sunny vacation destination like Benidorm.

Setting up a web shop or becoming a seller on bol.com, Amazon, or another online platform can be an attractive source of income for retirees with years of experience in various sectors. Running your own business allows you to decide how much, how hard and when you work, offering much flexibility.

Instead of depending on your pension alone, running your own business can provide you with additional income to cover the costs of daily living and even the opportunity to increase your standard of living. As a retiree, starting your own business can be an intelligent move to remain financially stable and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Bring your own packages to the drop-off or post office every day, so that you get back amongst the people, plus you have your own purpose in life, and it takes only minimal effort. This way you can maintain a good income even in old age!

e-pickr is a handy product research tool to find the right products for your e-commerce business. It can help you identify profitable niches and products, compare prices and consumer demand, and analyze competitive data.

Using e-pickr, you can quickly and easily create a list of potential products to sell. That way, you save much time and energy that you would otherwise spend on manual research.

In addition, e-pickr works with partners who can help outsource tasks such as product sourcing, inventory management and e-fulfilment. This means that as a retired business owner, you don't have to do everything yourself and can focus on the strategic aspects of your business.

So by using e-pickr, you can set up a successful e-commerce business even if you are retired and have no experience in online sales.

Extra income for your old day