10 March 2023

Sell more on Bol.com: 14 tips for success

As a seller on Bol.com, you want to sell more and get the most out of your platform. Fortunately, you can apply several tips and tricks to get to the top of Bol.com and create more sales opportunities. Below we share 14 tips for more sales on Bol.com.

How do you get to the top on Bol.com? 

1. Make use of search engine optimization (SEO)

By using the right keywords and search engine optimization techniques, you ensure that your products appear higher in the search results on Bol.com. This makes it easier to find potential buyers. With the right search trends and keywords in your title and product description, Bol.com can better assess whether your product suits the customer. So make sure your title is structured and clear.

2. Provide high-quality product images and descriptions

A clear and attractive product image and a detailed description ensure that potential buyers quickly understand what your product is and why they would want to buy it. It is also helpful to clarify whether the product meets the customer's needs and wants as quickly as possible. In addition to good quality images, you can also choose to make the images themselves informative again with facts and an energetic look.

3. Offer competitive prices

By keeping your prices in line with those of similar products on Bol.com, you ensure that your products remain attractive to buyers and competitive.

4. A secret trick for competitive pricing

Sell your first 5 products far below the market price. You will, unfortunately, have to take a slight loss on that. On the other hand, it does get your products to the first Bol.com page in no time. And that's still where most sales are made. As soon as you get the position, throw your price up again. You can gradually increase your cost by delivering good sales performance (on time, with few customer inquiries, few returns, and so on). While raising your price, remember that you are maintaining the buying block.

5. Fast shipping

Fast shipping ensures that customers are satisfied with the shipping time and get the product quickly, which increases the likelihood of a positive review. With a better delivery promise, you are more likely on the buying block, but make your deadlines manageable because Bol.com charges hard for late deliveries. You won't have to deal with this if you outsource your shipping and inventory to Bol.com.

6. High-performance scores

Excellent delivery performance and quick responses to questions ensure that customers are satisfied and eager to return for more purchases, which leads to more sales and a more positive reputation on Bol.com. Suppose you use shipping stamps through Bol.com and deliver your package to the shipping company on time. In that case, the delivery is further completed for you. Bol.com also handles customer questions about late deliveries because you have fulfilled your delivery promise.

How do you get more reviews on Bol.com?

7. Ask satisfied customers to leave a review

By encouraging satisfied customers to leave a review, you can share their satisfaction with other potential buyers and thus generate more sales on Bol. Reviews are the best source for customers regarding the quality of the product.

8. Make it easy for customers to leave a review

 By providing a simple process where customers can quickly leave a review, you ensure that they spend less time leaving a review, and thus you get more reviews. For example, provide a link in your email to the page and give examples of what they can name.

9. Provide excellent customer service

Always providing excellent customer service ensures that customers are satisfied and eager to return for more purchases. This increases the likelihood of positive reviews and sales. To respond on time, politely and remember: the customer is always right!

10. Offer valuable products and services

By consistently offering valuable products and services to customers, you ensure that they are satisfied and eager to return for more purchases. This also increases the likelihood of positive reviews and more sales on Bol.

Which products sell well on Bol.com?

11. Popular products

By being aware of popular products, you can respond to market demand and generate more sales on Bol. In this blog, you will find 5 popular products to sell in 2023.

12. Trends and seasonal products

By always being aware of search trends and seasonal products, you can respond to changing market demand and generate more sales. Learn more about search trends on Bol.com here.

13. Unique products

By offering unique products not offered by other sellers, you can stand out and generate more sales on Bol.com. We know that finding such a product is more straightforward said than done. That's why we would like to introduce you to the product research tools from e-pickr®. With these, you can quickly and easily find products with little competition but high demand.

14. Use e-pickr for the most profitable products

A successful way to achieve more sales on Bol.com is by using e-pickr®. This platform allows you to find new successful outcomes efficiently and effectively. This way, you create more sales opportunities and increase your income.

Conclusion: more sales on Bol.com

In short, by working hard on your customer relationships and using a product research tool, you can reach the top on Bol.com and get more reviews. This will increase your visibility and sales opportunities on the platform. Offering the right products and providing excellent customer service will strengthen your reputation as a seller and increase your chances of making more sales on Bol.com. Want to achieve even more success on Bol.com? Then read the blog "Successful selling on bol.com" with more tips for successful selling on Bol.com.

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