25 August 2022

5 smart tips to increase the turnover of your webshop

In this blog you will find the quickest way to increase your turnover. Your shop will only become really profitable if you add these five tips to your strategy. Provide strong keywords and make your content relevant to the customer. Do not use standard images from Alibaba but make good quality photos yourself. For more sales in your online business, read these five quick tips to make more sales.

5 smart tips for more turnover with your webshop

  1. Keywords for your product
  2. Relevant content
  3. Qualitative images and videos
  4. Provide reviews
  5. Sell products with consistent demand

1. Keywords for your product

Just like you might search Google dozens of times a day for an answer to your question or a person, message or video, people also search for products on Bol and Amazon. The order of the words you type and the link between them determine the content you will see. To maximize your sales with your webshop or sales account, you must decide which keywords are the most important. These are the keywords that most users search for when they are considering buying your product.

For example, for a seller of chocolate, words like "Chocolate, Chocolate, Bonbon, Bar, Sweets" are all critical. When you incorporate these words into your title and text on your product page, the search engine of Google, Amazon or Bol will suggest your product as a search result. It is difficult to rise to the top without using the right keywords, and you can barely make any turnover.

So as the first tip for more sales with your webshop, we say: make sure you know what keywords you need to rank to come forward as a potential seller.

2. Relevant content

Besides ranking for the right keywords, you will also have to create relevant content for your product. If you have looked at Alibaba.com, you might have noticed that the titles and texts are often very long. They are focused on keywords but also a lot of descriptive words for what you can use a product for. On the one hand, this increases the chances of products ranking as high as possible. On the other hand, longer titles are not always better for the customer. After all, it's much reading, which also applies to Bol.com and Amazon. So the second tip for more sales with your webshop is to use a motivating title with the right content.

What is the right content? It is important to make the text with your product on Bol.com or Amazon as informative as possible. Still, the technical aspects should, of course, not make it too boring. A good solution is to use terms like "unique", "design", "premium" and "high quality". All four of these words exude superiority, but on the other hand, the exact definitions remain quite vague. So you can play with these only words to make your content technically correct and more appealing.

By relevant content, we also mean: what does the customer get from you now? For example, think about adding a list of what's in the box. The more value you create for your customer, the more revenue you can generate on your webshop through more sales. Make a list of bullet points, and you may also name the user manuals as a 'unique manual'😉 . More relevant content will result in more sales because you will convince the consumer to make a decision faster.

3. Quality images and videos

The third tip for increasing the turnover of your webshop is to use quality images. Not only does the number of images influence rankings on Amazon, Bol.com and Google, but photos and quality are also taken into account in the evaluation. For example, on Amazon, you can include images showing the product's contents and the box and how the customer would associate with the product. By photographing the product in a user environment or having someone use the product, the customer feels a greater connection and will be more likely to be activated to buy the product. This way, you will get more sales with your webshop on Bol.com, Amazon or in your webshop.

Most search result-driven companies, like Amazon and Google, find additional content like video footage and photos very appealing because they know it is more relevant for their users to look at. That's why you see more and more of this type of content displayed on TikTok and Instagram, for example. The entertaining aspect of the video helps to create demand for the products they say in this content. It also makes it easier for the customer to figure out how to use the product. That's why tutorial videos on YouTube also contribute to increasing the sales of your webshop. So think a little outside the box regarding marketing and creation.

4. Provide reviews

Some ways to increase your webshop's sales are so apparent that we often overlook them. Therefore, it is sometimes good to step back and look at it from a customer's perspective. 'Would you rather buy a product with 1200 reviews or 13?' The answer is pretty obvious. Although we know that it is quite common to 'buy' reviews on Amazon and sometimes even Bol.com, this is, of course, not the intention. However, it is possible to approach customers with friends and colleagues through the order page with the email address and ask them to leave a review.

5. Sell products with consistent demand

The fifth tip for more sales with your shop is to sell products with consistent demand. What can you best sell on the internet (link to blog 6: The 12 best-selling products on the internet in 2022) is the question e-pickr® has focused. This one, of course, is the most accessible and most apparent. You will get more orders if there is more demand for a particular product. Increasing the number of orders is essential for more sales in your webshop. e-pickr® has all the data you need to decide which products you should or should not invest in. Make sure you are close to the customer and know where market demand lies.

Take, for example, the current trend in Sherpa pillows. These pillows have been a top-rated product in America for a year, and prices often fly towards 50$ per pillow. If you sell this product in the Netherlands via Bol, you know you can make a part of that turnover. Well found in the e-pickr® database and easily purchased through Alibaba.com.

How does e-pickr® help you achieve more sales with your webshop?

The advantage of e-pickr® is that we not only look at the number of competitors for your following best-seller product, but we also give a score to your competitors' listings. If these listings have good images, videos, clear text, lots of reviews and a good title, it will be harder to get the buying block. Therefore, you will prefer a low LS (listing strength) product. The products that do not score as high on listing power are consequently lacking in optimal content, which creates space for you in the market and more sales with your webshop. So we not only tell you if the product is selling well, but we also tell you if the need for this product is still as attractive. This and many more valuable insights for more sales with your webshop are found in the simple tools of e-pickr®.

So if you want to start a fantastic adventure in the online sales world, start researching your first bestselling product today and learn what you can earn with it!