25 October 2022

The 10 reasons to choose e-pickr®

1. Product sales from Amazon sellers

From the largest database in the e-commerce world, with more than 350 million products, you can now find the expected sales. So, do not only be the first to harvest from this new tool, but also get the most insights from all your competitors. Start your search for your winning products today. If you build a portfolio of more than 5 products that all have above 70% Niche scores, then you can truly scale your e-commerce business to the moon.


2. The best opportunity for your investment

As an e-commercer on Amazon, you need inventory. That means investing in advance and hoping that you will sell your products soon enough to buy new stock to repeat the process. If inventory not sell well, you will not only miss turnover, but your money will also be stuck. Prevent this by investing your money only in the most successful products. This way you keep a quick turnover of your stock, and that's how you keep your company liquid!


3. Most ideas with related keywords

Not only your own search term, but also up to 10 related keywords appear for your Nichepickr searched keyword. Now you have insight into the product you are looking for, and the products that resemble it. For example, it is no longer interesting to create yet another listing in a crowded niche on Bol or Amazon, but it is certainly profitable to find a new niche in the same category. So, while you're selling under the same parent category, you're just in a different daughter niche. Less competition, and more chance of concurring the buy box with more chance of sales!


4. Be the first to discover new niches

You are probably looking for product ideas for your online gym or garden shop. These two categories, along with toys and jewelry & makeup, are the top selling niches on Amazon. That means a lot of opportunity for sales, right? Or is this a sign of overflooded markets with too many suppliers? Besides, how do you compete with dropshippers who use Facebook Ads for half the price of your commission costs? By finding new niches with the Nichepickr you are ahead of your competition, but you also open new untapped markets. This way you switch from product portfolio faster than your competitors, and you can really earn more.


5. Recognize Evergreens Instead of Hypes

We can all see the advertisements of yoga mats, mood octopuses or star projectors. Only the day you received your stock the hype was over. Or would you not rather have spent your advertising costs on a product that is more stable? These ideas all had one thing in common: within a month the trend was over. And there you are with your stock or your invested marketing budget. Unnecessary costs that would not have incurred if you had looked at the recent prices and turnover changes with the Salespickr.


6. Thinking Ahead with Past Results

Did you know that you can already see what will be trending again next Christmas? If you still want to invest in hype products, do so with data from the past. This way you know that it is better to buy Christmas trees in July, so that you have them in stock in November when the jolly season starts. Think counter-economic and invest before your competitors do. The Salespickr helps you to track down many more products that you can already have at home before the hype starts. For example, look at the turnover and review scores. If they are rapidly increasing over the past week, or if they have sunk drastically over the months, then draw your best conclusions!


7. Recognize emerging products

With the Salespickr you can see how a product behaves over time. This means that you can simply gain insight of price development, number of reviews and number of sales by looking at different moments in the past year. For example, were there 200 new reviews in the past week and only 100 the month before? Then there is accelerated growth of sales for this product. Be quick and order your stock, or create your webshop and advertisements so that you can still benefit from the stage of the product in its product life cycle.


8. Look beyond revenue

The strength of an e-commerce company is not its number of sales. The dynamics of competition, profit and financial resources create a balanced picture of your company. So, think carefull and considerate about the methods and strategies you use to stay ahead of that competition and stay away from crowded niches. Be conscious of the money you are willing to invest and only invest in products that suit you financials. Finally, and very obviously, only invest in products that generate good profit expectations! You will find all this in the easy-to-use Nichepickr tool!


9. The Netherlands is 3 years behind the United States

Take advantage of the fact that innovation and new techniques and hypes always blow over from the West. With the Nichepickr database you do not look at the small-scale market of Amazon Netherlands, but at the giant Amazon market at the other side of the ocean. The Amazon.com market is where the big money is made. And we let you eat a slice of that pie by providing insight into precisely their data! Follow and learn from the big boys. Then your e-commerce business might as well grow just as big.


10. ECWID for less than the price of ECWID?!

Because of the partner deal we made with Ecwid by Lightspeed, we offer all the tools and integrations that Ecwid offers. Currently, you can use these for free in Demo version. And in the future we promise to keep the price low enough to keep the price below that of Ecwid itself.

Example: Every month you pay 35 Euro for ECWID for a Business plan (the middle plan). But at e-pickr you pay nothing at all right now, and in the future only 20 Euro to add ECWID to your e-pickr plan. So you save 15 Euro on your ECWID integration, which you can better spend on ads or stock!

We will always keep a version available for our users without Ecwid, but sign up in time before the deals expire!

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