07 September 2022

Starting with e-commerce: mindset, skillset and toolset

To successfully start your e-commerce adventure, you must find specific skills, a strong stand and the right partners. This sounds like much work but believes us. 50,000 Bol.com sellers went before you, and over 9 million Amazon sellers did. You can do this, and if you can't do it alone, here's a professional partner network from e-pickr to support you!


As an entrepreneur, because that's what you are, you no longer have a boss who comes to tell you daily what needs to be turned in to his desk by the end of this week. There is no one to tell you that your lunch break is taking too long or that tomorrow your job starts again at 8:30. It's a beautiful feeling of freedom on the one hand. Still, on the other hand, the responsibilities are in your hands. If you don't do it, nobody will.

So, in addition to good discipline, you also need a strong mindset. Knowing that you are responsible for the bread on the table and the turnover within your company. Even though you will soon be the CEO and the largest source of income for Amazon, you can only achieve this by committing yourself daily and getting the best out of your business.

For example, think about getting up early, adding one person to your network daily, answering your emails on time and asking for help when you don't know what's next. "If you explain management as choosing means to achieve a pre-agreed goal; then entrepreneurship is: imagining what is possible with a set of means without knowing its purpose." These are the words of Professor Fickett, a serial entrepreneur who teaches multiple courses at the University of Richmond, VA.

You know better than anyone what revenue can be with e-commerce, or you wouldn't be reading this blog right now. However, more comes into play in this game than just making money. There will be days when you don't earn a red cent, and there will be obstacles in your path that make you long for that 9 to 5 job you used to have. You also can't expect the way to your success to be only upward.


In addition to having the right mindset, you must have some talents. By this, we don't mean a 10 for math and a 9 for English, but a set of skills you already possess or are willing to learn on your entrepreneurial path. Remember, you need to be well-rounded, but you are not expected to be a born CEO. Everyone knows and grows in their role on the road to success.

Suppose you are willing to learn, read, and listen to those who had gone before you or failed before you. In that case, you can move faster along the path to success without making the same mistakes your predecessors made. There is no more vital skill than listening and reading. Knowledge is gathered through your senses. By learning these skills and combining them with the right mindset, you are already 2/3 ready for entrepreneurship.

Think of meaningful skills also include communication, networking and making decisions. Not that you always have to make the right decision. Everyone makes mistakes, but when you make a decision, you at least show a proactive attitude! And remember, everyone makes mistakes and doesn't always listen or feel like communicating. It's about finding a good balance that takes you forward daily. This way, you will grow a little more each day in your role as an entrepreneur, and you will obtain the skillset an entrepreneur needs over time!


As an entrepreneur, knowing all the ins and outs of your new venture is almost impossible. That's why it's essential to know whom you can count on. A mentor is a good source of experience and information for many entrepreneurs. Still, we'd like to point out the broader sense of a toolset. As an e-commerce professional, you don't have to be an expert in delivery methodologies, accounting and fulfilment. Instead of wrapping packages, filing tax returns and delivering products to your customers, you should use third-party partners and tools. Active Ants, for example, is a sublime partner that neatly packages your products and sends them to your customers on time. Profectum is a confidential partner with a personal contact for all your accounting and bookkeeping questions.

And for your product research, you don't need to have all the ins and outs of statistics, market operations, trend analysis and many other complicated terms. You have a reliable software partner that analyzes products 100 times faster on more variables than you can name. So you know that you are making a suitable investment when choosing a product in a particular niche. These data tools are available to you for free and automatically part of your toolset.

So now you've come full circle; 3 of the three requirements for a good entrepreneur will give you peace of mind and a good night's sleep starting your e-commerce business. If you have any questions about these three sets or e-commerce in general, don't hesitate to contact us; we will ensure all your questions are answered. Doing business is no longer done alone, but with e-pickr and its partners!

e-commerce is not a Get-Quick-Rich

Just don't expect this adventure to be a walk in the park. Some days are gonna be tough and some days you are not going to earn anything. However, with the proper resources and the right mindset, we guarantee you that this journey could be your success story! Curious how we help you with that?

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