15 February 2023

Search Trends on Bol.com: How to Use Them for Successful Online Selling?

If you're an e-commerce seller, search behaviour is an important traffic driver. The same applies to trends and popular searches on Bol.com (also known as B2C or customer-to-consumer online retailers). Search trends reveal what customers want to buy, and you can use that information to sell your products on Bol.com. Discovering search trends on Bol.com is essential for e-commerce sellers to market their products successfully. Trends reveal what customers want to buy and can help identify popular products, best-sellers, and searches. With tools like e-pickr, you can quickly find the top-trending searches and see the search volume and revenue. Insight into the trends can help create targeted marketing campaigns and predict consumer behaviour. Becoming a partner of Bol.com is the first step in uncovering search trends and selling successfully.

How do search trends work on Bol.com?

For example, let's say you want to sell women's boots. Well, currently, wedge boots are trendy. They were already popular in 2017 but are still very present in the fashion world in 2023. People can easily search for them on Bol.com because the site provides keywords for each product. And the results show all kinds of 'wedge booties' - over the knee, ankle, chunky heel, etc. - so sellers know what their customers are searching for. And suppose customers are searching for wedge boots. In that case, there is a high chance they will purchase because the images and descriptions contain information about the size and how to wear them. In other words, people know exactly what they're buying when they search for wedge boots on Bol.com. But unfortunately, it's more than just the customer who benefits from these search trends. Your competition also wants to know which products they should sell.

Competition lurking: the danger of search trends on Bol.com

As a seller on Bol.com, you have competition from 50,000 other sellers. Each seller is a direct competitor to you, and it's essential that you have a more innovative strategy than your competitors. This way, you can consider the search trend's competitiveness. Some search trends are very competitive and require much authority to rank well. Only in this way will you have a good position on Bol.com. Other keywords are sometimes less competitive and more achievable for you as a smaller or even a new seller on Bol.com. It would be best to consider the time you're willing to spend to achieve results and be honest in your strategy. Do you already have the authority to rank well on a search term or trend, or do you need more products, sales, and reviews?

How do you know which keywords to choose?

To develop a successful e-business on Bol.com, it's crucial to analyze search trends. Search trends help to quickly identify emerging trends in e-commerce and make money with affiliate links. Fundamental search trend analysis can be done on Bol.com or with Google Trends, but this is only partially inclusive. Large platforms like e-pickr® offer insight into e-commerce search behaviour and can help find search terms with high demand and low competition, which can be a gap in the market.

Large platforms have studied e-commerce search behaviour, such as e-pickr®. We are happy to provide you with this information. In the forum, you can easily see which keywords have high competition (Competitor Check in the Nichepickr). You also read how high the search volume is for the keyword you have typed and similar keywords. So you can respond to the search terms with the highest demand but the lowest competition. In other words, you find a gap in the market!

How do you find the best products and search trends on Bol.com?

With the powerful product research tools of e-pickr, your Bol.com webshop will further boost success. Benefit from the latest trends and keywords and make targeted use of keywords in your product page content to achieve maximum sales without spending extra budget on advertisements. At e-pickr, we analyze more than 300 million products and provide you with the most crucial data for a successful e-commerce business.

Save time by avoiding manual searching on Bol.com and choose automatic searching in the best product research tool of e-pickr®. Try it now for free, and let us help you find the most profitable search keywords and opportunities in the market.