04 April 2023

Starting an Instagram store: 13 frequently asked questions answered

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. It has a massive reach with millions of users worldwide. Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more companies and individuals are selling their products through Instagram stores. Sellers can present their products to a large audience through advertorials and influencer marketing and quickly boost sales. But how do you start an Instagram store? Below, we have listed in Q&A style common questions about selling through Instagram.

Can you sell through Instagram? 

Yes, you can sell through Instagram. Instagram has several features, including Instagram Shopping, which allows you to sell products directly through the app. You can also use affiliate marketing to promote other people's products and earn commissions.

How to sell something on Instagram 

There are several ways to sell products through Instagram.

1. Advertorials

A practical method is to use advertorials. These are sponsored posts posted by accounts with an extensive reach. Often these accounts have millions of followers and create reels showing how a particular product works and how it can be used. The post's description often includes a link to the website where the product can be purchased. This way, sellers can efficiently market their products to a large and interested audience.

2. Affiliate marketing

Another way to sell products through Instagram is through affiliate marketing. This involves accounts receiving a commission for every sale generated through their unique link. This can be a cost-effective way for sellers to promote and sell their products because they only pay a commission when a sale occurs.

3. Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping allows you to sell products directly through the Instagram app. Sellers upload their offerings to Instagram and tag the products in posts and stories. In addition, an additional category appears within your Instagram profile, where all products are conveniently displayed in your Instagram store.

What are the benefits of selling through Instagram?

Selling products via Instagram has many advantages. One of the most significant advantages is the vast reach of the platform. Hundreds of millions of users spend hours every day scrolling around Instagram, looking for new products. This makes it easier than ever to reach a large audience and convince them of the benefits of your product.

In addition, Instagram is a visual platform that allows sellers to present their products attractively through an Instagram store. This will enable them to attract the attention of potential buyers and convince them to buy the product.

What does an Instagram store cost?

Setting up an Instagram store is free, but to take advantage of the feature to tag products and sell them directly through Instagram Shopping, you must meet specific requirements. For example, you must have a business account, and your store must meet Instagram's guidelines. In addition, you pay a small commission per sale to Instagram.

Why start an Instagram store?

An Instagram store offers a great way to present your products to a large audience and can help you generate more sales. It's a great way to promote your brand and inspire customers to buy products.

How does Instagram Shopping work?

Instagram Shopping allows you to tag products on photos and videos in your Instagram feed and Instagram Stories. Customers can then click on the tag to see more information about the product and purchase the product directly through the app. You must meet specific requirements and guidelines to take advantage of this feature.

Is it interesting to sell on Instagram?

An Instagram shop not only allows sellers to present their products to a large audience but can also be very lucrative. In fact, with the right strategies and products, you can make money from anywhere in the world. The beauty of an Instagram shop is that you don't have to depend on a physical location and can work from home or anywhere in the world.

How do I sell fastest on Instagram?

By using influencer and affiliate marketing smartly, you can increase your reach and boost your sales. You can also use Instagram ads to reach specific audiences and increase your sales.

How does Instagram help my e-commerce business?

Instagram offers more and more opportunities to sell products directly in the app, making the barrier to purchase even lower. With Instagram Shopping, for example, you can create a complete product catalogue and allow customers to buy your products directly through the app. This not only makes it easier for customers to believe, but it can also significantly increase sales.

How do I make the most money selling on Instagram?

By offering as many good selling products as possible. If you're looking for new products to sell in your Instagram shop, e-pickr can help. E-pickr is a tool that helps find profitable products to sell. It uses advanced algorithms to identify trending products and niche markets. It provides detailed information on the competition, profit margins and other vital statistics.

How does e-pickr® help me sell on Instagram ?

With e-pickr, you can quickly and efficiently find new products to add to your Instagram shop and boost your sales. It can also help you identify market opportunities and trends to get ahead of the curve and stay ahead of your competitors.

How to create an Instagram store?

Step 1: Create a business Instagram account

To create an Instagram store, you must have a business account on Instagram. If you already have a personal account, upgrade it to a business account by going to Settings and then choosing Account and Switch to a professional report.

Step 2: Verify your account 

You need to verify your Instagram account to be eligible for Instagram Shopping. For this, you must have a physical address and verify your account with Facebook.

Step 3: Set up your Instagram store 

Go to Settings and choose Business Settings. Then choose Shopping and follow the steps to create your store. Upload product photos and fill in product descriptions.

Step 4: Approve your products 

Instagram checks your store's products to ensure they meet their guidelines. After Instagram approves your products, you can start tagging your products in your Instagram posts and stories. This goes best if you have good product photos and clear descriptions.

Is it simple to build an e-commerce business through Instagram?

It is also easy to sell through Instagram because sellers can easily manage and update their products. By using Instagram Shopping, for example, sellers can integrate their products directly into their profiles, and customers can easily buy from the app.

With an Instagram store and the right strategies and products, you can make money worldwide. Using tools like e-pickr, you can quickly find new products to sell and boost your sales. All you need is a good product, an intelligent marketing strategy and perseverance.