02 September 2022

How to buy your profitable product online?

After you've done your product research with e-pickr, you'll probably be looking forward to buying your stock. If you've never done this before, it may be news that most of the world's products are produced in Asia. How do you go about doing business with Chinese and Thai companies? Do you need to speak English or perhaps Chinese for this? And how do you make sure that your stock arrives? We are happy to answer these questions for you!

Ordering products, Alibaba.com

For almost all products you can sell in your online shop or through Bol.com and Amazon, you can go to Alibaba.com. First, you easily create an account and search for your product from the nichepickr or salespickr on Alibaba.com. There are two techniques for this. First, you can go to the Amazon website of your product through the nichepickr. There you can copy the title of the product and then enter it in the search bar of Alibaba.com. Not very exciting, but it saves you much time. Just be sure to remove the brand name from the search term. Alibaba.com can't do anything with it because the brand name is only known in Europe and does not belong to the product. So you get all options of products similar to your product from nichepickr.

How do you know which product is the product from the nichepickr?

For this, you can use a second technique. Copy an image of the product page (or listing) on Amazon using the same method as the title. Still, now you not only enter the title in the search bar on Alibaba.com, but you also upload the photo of the product. Thus, through Alibaba.com's innovative system, only products that resemble the product entirely from your image come out. Now you see that your product that sells for $13.99 on Amazon only has a purchase price of $0.69. That's another margin!

How do you order a product on Alibaba.com?

To order products on Alibaba.com, there are again two options. Sometimes a supplier has an automatic ordering system. Then you enter your address where you want to receive the products; select the shipping method, by plane, Train or cargo ship; and leave your payment details for confirmation. You can now see how long it will take for your stock to arrive. Keep a few points in mind when doing this:

- On the one hand, time is money, so you'll want to be quick.

- On the other hand, choosing a slower shipping method does reduce your shipping costs.

- Also, you might want to consider the burden on the environment if you like to do business in an ecologically friendly way.

In addition, there is the possibility that you cannot order directly from the product page on Alibaba.com. If so, you will have to contact the supplier. Please include in this message that you want to do business and state the number of products you would like to purchase, your address and your preferred shipping method. A supplier often has a minimum order quantity (or MOQ). For orders more minor than the MOQ, they usually do not want to do business because it is not profitable for the supplier. So it is essential that you choose a party that can deliver the desired quantity for you.

How do I know where my order from Alibaba.com is?

After negotiating and you have agreed on a price, you can calculate whether there is enough profit left to your liking. You can now finalize the order and make the payment. By paying via PayPal, for example, and always paying on the alibaba.com platform, you can be sure that in case of a wrong, late or broken delivery, you can still ask for your money back. You can find more tips on doing business on Alibaba.com in this blog [LINK ALIBABA 8 TIPS].

Now that your order is on its way, you will have to wait. You can use this time to design images, write texts and do more research. It can sometimes take up to 50 days if your order is delivered via Train. This takes a long time but has an economic advantage. So depending on the type of product, hype or evergreen, sometimes you better be quick. You can read more about evergreens and hype products in this blog. You can also buy tape, a cheap printer and boxes during this time. For this, you can use Raja packaging. They deliver fast, affordable and have friendly customer service.

When your order is a week away, the box or container will have been picked up from the supplier. Then the track and trace code will appear online. Always make sure you ask for the Track and Trace and know where you can track the order. Sometimes the T&T is not updated fast enough. Then take into account the time difference and the distance. Every week you can ask about the status of the delivery. Often the seller on Alibaba.com knows the situation better than the Track and Trace code.

When will my Alibaba.com order arrive?

After waiting and preparing for your sales, it's time for your order to arrive. Please ensure you are at home, as some orders are only offered a limited number of times, after which they go back to the supplier! Given the size of some packages, neighbors may not want to receive the parcel for you. So keep a close eye on the Track and trace.

Once the order has arrived, check whether a letter from customs is enclosed. VAT is charged when importing goods, but the rules are often complex. Therefore, it is essential that you pay taxes in time if necessary. Entrepreneurship is also a cat-and-mouse game. e-pickr does not advise on VAT, but our partner accountants can help you best with this. So be sure to ask for advice and support if you can't figure it out yourself.

Finally, make sure the products are as expected. Carefully open the package and try some of the products. Check that all parts are as described and that the products function and are complete. Once this is the case, you can either accept the order through Alibaba.com or open a dispute about the quality of the delivery.

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