23 March 2022

How Nichepickr® and Salespickr® guide you in the world of e-commerce.

How Nichepickr® and Salespickr® guide you in the world of e-commerce.

Anyone who has already started in e-commerce or is preparing to, will undoubtedly have given it a lot of thought: in which niche will I work and which products will I sell? niche? I can hear you thinking… Isn't that a French seaside resort? Or does it have something to do with colds and quarantine? No, niche is the somewhat neat word for the 'industry' or (sub)category of products or services in which you want to specialize.

Marketers may have overdone this term for some time, but it's important to realize that a niche isn't just about services or products. It actually concerns a 'sub-topic' for which relevant products and services can be devised. For example, selling on platforms such as Amazon and Bol is a 'niche'. A product or service that lends itself to this niche is a (video) course about how you can earn a lot of money by selling on these platforms. That's why you stumble across them so much!

At e-pickr® we are not by definition against these kinds of courses, but we are against unsubstantiated claims from so-called experts. We prefer to focus on measuring and calculating data and figures. In fact, we are so passionate about this that we are happy to share our calculations with you! So that you can take advantage of it. Though, in case you would like to learn more about e-commerce via courses, then we would definitely recommend Plazatalk.nl. Their masterclasses are made by actual entrepreneurs that truly earned their stripes! And if you find data as interesting as we do (or if you just really want to find a profitable product) then check out our platform e-pickr.com, of course…!

Nichepickr® and Cost Of Goods Sold

The first flavor we have on offer for you is our Nichepickr®. Here we briefly explain you where our Nichepickr® tool proves its value. Are you familiar with the term Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS)? You may have heard it at school or in college… In any case, this term - loosely translated - means the (purchase)value of the products you have sold (or want to sell). Why is that important? Well, because before you can make a sale you have to make sure that you can sell the product profitably: can you deliver it from stock for instance?

Inventory costs money in several ways. At the front there are of course the purchasing costs that, depending on how big your budget is, may be more or less interesting for you. In addition, stock that you have to reorder costs money and also stock that does not sell and stays on the shelves costs money too. For example because you either have to ship it back or because you have to store it temporarily. In short, if you take a closer look at the value of COGS relative to your potential profit, you can quickly discover that certain products are more interesting to you than others. That's where our Nichepickr did the most important math for you!

SalesPickr® and the search for your optimal 'sale'

Salespickr®, on the other hand, tells you everything you need to know about… yes, sales! Bet you already hear the sound of a ringing cash! Hold on a little longer and have a moment to take a good look at the data collected within Salespickr®. Our tool applies modern data analysis to historical sales data to display trends, price development and product life cycles to help you determine your profitable e-commerce strategy. Although our tool is currently still available in beta, we are convinced of the power of Salespickr®! And the great thing is that it gets more powerful every hour and after every feedback cycle. In fact, you do not purchase a product from us, but you purchase knowledge. And isn’t that priceless!? We see it as our noble task to expand and improve that knowledge a little each and every day!