19 January 2023

How does salesestimatr help with your product research for Amazon

Caroline, 23 years old, is selling products on Amazon and in her own webshop. She has been active for almost two years now, but everytime her listings get hijacked, followed by a price dump. “Competition is a real mood killer”, she complains. There are 300 million products on Amazon, but the competition always finds the same items that you can come up with. Luckily for her she bumped into e-pickr. With the Salesestimatr she has determined a method where she leverages different countries on the products she is selling. Finding new products when competition increases is also easier with her new product research platform.

As an e-commerce business owner it can be hard to find new profitable products. Once you have determined them, different countries might have entirely different competition landscapes and customer demands. Caroline witnessed this too and finally started with making a success out of her online venture. She had tried varying tactics; marketing and advertisement strategies recommended by several coaches and gurus, but nothing was yielding her desired result. She was growing increasingly frustrated by her lack of success, when one day she heard about the Salesestimatr tool.

Know where to sell best with the Salesestimatr

The Salesestimatr is a comprehensive tool that helps business owners, like Caroline, recognize sales trends in different countries. The tool allowed users to optimize their product portfolio and get more out of their online business. Caroline thought the tool might be just what she needed and decided to give it a try.

She logged onto the platform and within minutes she was using Salesestimatr to analyze sales forecasts from different countries. The tool allowed her to see how certain products fared better in certain regions, providing her with valuable insight into what products she should buy. All she had to do was enter an EAN or ASIN code from a product she found on Amazon into the tool. She could also use the Nichepickr to find products and copy the ASIN code from the one tool to the next.

In the Salesestimatr she could see how prices differed between countries and that sales also weren’t always equally distributed. She tried to figure out what countries had better sales for her products and adjusted the pricing to better fit the standards for these countries. She found that the German market was much tougher than the UK, in her case. And the US was basically booming for any product she looked for.

Identify the best market with the Salesestimatr, and then?

Armed with this data, Caroline began to make strategic decisions about her portfolio, inventory and where to run which advertisements. She identified the products that were most successful in each region and focused heavily on them already months ahead of competition. Within a few months, Caroline has seen significant improvements in her profitability. Not only because she can identify her potential revenue streams before investing in advertising now, but also because she has stopped spending budget on countries where her products did not sell anyways.

Thanks to the power of Salesestimatr, Caroline now is a much more successful e-commerce business owner. Where before she had felt overwhelmed and stuck, now she makes some sweet income out of her venture and with e-pickr she has the tools to keep succeeding. She’s grateful for Salesestimatr and its role in helping her achieve her goal of finally being an online entrepreneur the way she imagined.


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