02 November 2022

Halloween and e-pickr: spooky missed opportunities!


This year, fake cobwebs, costumes and decorations sold for a new record number in sales. A whopping $10.6 Billion was spent on all kinds of products related to the original American celebration. The Netherlands is also growing in its adoption of the party. Especially among young people, Halloween parties the weekend before October 31 are a big hype. If you did not sell Halloween decorations this year, learn from this mistake. After all, you'll have another chance next year.

How do you know what's trending?

By comparing products in Salespickr when they make higher and lower sales, you know strictly what to buy and at what time. For example, you can see what Halloween decorations were doing a year ago. Strobe lights, fake spider webs and masks do well every year, but inflatable garden decorations are a new trend this year. You can easily see that in the Salespickr. For example, a dinosaur skeleton suit is selling thousands at a time this year. Still, last year the product virtually didn't exist on the Internet.

When do you buy your inventory?

You can buy your stock in August if you start looking for the right products as early as July. You have the lowest costs but a longer delivery time with transportation by train. Because you buy your products earlier, you have plenty of time to have them purchased before you put your stock online. Meanwhile, you can set up your product page and take and edit good photos for the optimal listing. As soon as the stock arrives, you will have everything ready to start selling.

How much is a seller's turnover with Halloween products?

In a survey among our users, we found one user eager to share his story about Halloween decorations and his successful search on e-pickr. Jasper sold as much as 2,000 Euros worth of items via Bol.com from October 01 to October 31. For us, this was also a confirmation that there is music in the market.

In the invoice below, you will find the sales and earnings after deducting commission and shipping costs to Bol.com. This leaves a tidy 1,200 Euro and a smile on Jasper's face.

Invoice Jasper: October 01 2022, to October 31 2022 

Would you also like to realize 2,000 Euro extra sales in October? Then go to e-pickr.com and sign up for our product research tools. You can use them for free and access up to 500 products per month. And if you have questions about e-commerce or want to read more about current events, drop us a line or check out our blogs.

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Have a spooky Halloween! 🎃

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