29 August 2022

Gap in the market products

Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs? 

Entrepreneurs are increasingly seeing the success of the e-commerce market. Setting up your own business using Shopify, Amazon or Bol.com has never been easier, there are successful product research tools for finding your products, and you can simply have your own brand printed by your Alibaba supplier. The advantage for those entrepreneurs is that nowadays there are many additional services offered around the e-commerce sector. These include online accountants and fulfillment centers. With more complementary services and a big improvement in the logistics of dropshippers, the market is faster than ever and more service-oriented. Consumers are feasting on it and buying online in droves.

So the opportunity to make quick money lies in e-commerce for you. Today is the right day to start or scale up your product research. Opening an e-commerce business is something we like to explain to you in this blog {LINK TO OTHER BLOGS ABOUT STARTING WITH ECOM}. Have you set up your Bol or Amazon account, then it's time to find gap in the market products. There are several ways to find gap in the market products. These range from gambling to doing manual research, but the fastest way for finding gap in the market products is through a data platform, such as e-pickr®. These companies analyze millions of products at once and tell you exactly where the opportunities are for the entrepreneur.

How to know if there is a demand for a product? 

By searching for a successful product yourself on Bol.com and using the shopping cart method to track how many products are sold from a seller, you can get a small idea of the sales a product can make. This is a good start to find out if there is demand for a product. In addition, you can also use Google Trends to find out if a product is often searched for on Google. Unfortunately, these methods are not 100% certain and can take a very long time if you want to offer hundreds of products. 

What makes your chance as certain as possible is relying on the data from big companies like Amazon. By using the right product research tool {Link to future page with focus on product research tool} in your product research, you make your chances as sure as possible. A platform with these tools gives you the tools to seriously invest and make good returns with your webshop or seller account. In short, you can see at a glance whether there is a demand for a product.

What is currently a gap in the market?

The moment we write this blog is in the run up to autumn. What a smart entrepreneur does then is look in the Salespickr what was trending around this time last year. This gives a good picture of activities, events and calendar days that are linked to certain trends. Take, for example, a Halloween decoration set, or costumes. Or fall decorations for the home. You can also search more for a product that hypes for a short period of time. Read more about hype products in the blog, "Zooming in on 'hype' products: are they worth your time and effort?

Right now, a real gap in the market is the sushi sets for making your own sushi. The product has gained a lot of notoriety because home delivery of sushi is sometimes up to three times more expensive and many consumers started their own hobby at that time. How long this trend will continue is questionable, but the trend seems to be fairly constant in sales and price.

Currently, another gap in the market is automatic vegetable cutters. Unfortunately, it is hard to say how long this will remain so in the rapidly changing market of hype products in the dropshipper market. In fact, this can change almost daily. Therefore, e-pickr®® has data that constantly renews every hour. The interval of renewing data is also relevant for e-commerce companies working with inventory. It allows you to track how competitors' prices change over the day. If your competitor drops in price, then you just go down with them! Or distinguish your products by adding a strong brand with extra features to your products so you can keep a good price in the market.

So find your next gap in the market by signing up for free with e-pickr®. No payment methods or snags. Simply the most comprehensive data for making a successful decision for your new online bestseller. In the nichepickr you will find hundreds of products that only you will see. Personal data that takes you further than the competition. And in the Salespickr you track the sales and prices of the products over time. Trust our data and become a real entrepreneur with e-pickr®.