28 December 2021

e-pickr’s® origin

e-pickr® is a young and fresh start-up created from the success of e-commerce and the growth of the industry.

You cannot stand out from the mass if you collect research the same way as all others do!

Prof. Dr. Foppen 🎓

Easy-to-use and fast too!

The importance of education and academic research are at the very heart of our platform. We use advanced algorithms and we make our system learning from itself. This sounds complex and mostly hard to work with, but with keeping you in mind, we have developed simple easy-to-use tools from these complexities. In essence, you give us just a keyword and we give you the answer whether to sell this product or not. Besides that, to speed things up a little, we do not only analyze this one keyword. Oh no! We analyze 25 to 200 related products in that same second! ⏱️

Yes, you read that correct, with one click, you are analyzing hundreds of products that are currently sold and you get the insights that you need to make a professional and successful decision. Not only do we use the sales of these products in our analyses, but also the heaviness of competition, your financial fit to this product, and the profit from the revenue that you are keeping. Together, we give you one over all score whether to sell these products or rather not.

In short

  • You focus on your school or job, while earning with e-commerce on the side
  • We do the research for you and tell you exactly what product you should sell
  • You don't need to research because that is slow and difficult
  • We can search up to 200 products, while you continue making your sales

Even shorter

We are your go-to for the strongest and most accurate data

Last chance to make it even even shorter

Our 🧠 brings you 💰!

With his webshop and an arsenal of creative designs, Christiaan sells his products monthly to hundreds of customers. By first comparing trends in Salespickr, he knows where he can make the most significant sales. Thanks to e-pickr, Christiaan spends his time on his webshop much more effectively. Optimize your product offering to only what your customers actually want to buy, together with e-pickr. 

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