20 January 2023

David's testimonial about the Alibaba Sourcr

A little while ago David discovered our newest tool: the Alibaba Sourcr. He got hooked to its easy-to-use design and the incredible value it adds to his online webshop. David is an ambitious e-commerce business owner. He has a vision for his store but was missing the connections and resources to enable it to reach its full potential. As for many small business owners, pressing costs on the one hand is limiting the availability of resources on the other hand. For instance, software and data to do proper product research and finding the right suppliers is often unattainable for them.

Consequently, small business owners are lacking information and insights compared to their large competitors. With e-pickr this becomes a thing of the past because e-pickr has made its tools and resources free for all. After some extensive research, David is now using the Alibaba Sourcr almost every day to find new and better suppliers for his products.

The Alibaba Sourcr quickly became the go-to tool in his arsenal. With this tool, e-commerce business owners, like David, could find the best supplier for the products they identified. Optimizing profitability through pricing, shipping costs and quality assessment, suppliers on Alibaba are ranked in order of the best potential supplier for your product. You can easily select the one that fits your requirements best, and you can pick up contact with them via Alibaba. The supplier could then manufacture and provide the necessary products. This process becomes much better streamlined, efficient and is completely free of cost.

The work of tracking down suppliers was made easy by the built-in Big Data technology of the tool, sifting through hundreds of thousands of suppliers to find only the best ones that meet the needs of our webshop. You can select which supplier to embark in business with based on qualifications such as order tracking, lead time, response time, support for international transactions and trade assurance.

David, like many other business owners, is now enabled to make informed decisions about sourcing and selling products so that their store could reach its maximum potential. In no time at all, they can find successful products for their webshop, and even quicker they can find the right suppliers with the Alibaba Sourcr.

The Alibaba Sourcr proved to be an invaluable resource for the e-commerce industry and is now a must-have tool for all e-commerce businesses. Who else than David could have said this better: 

“It’s a true blessing for me and others who wished to achieve success with their online stores. I wish this tool existed earlier!” - David Hansen

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