23 May 2022

The 8 best dropshipping tools of the moment.

Dropshipping is still the go-to method for making money online. However, due to intense competition, it's not easy to reach the top through conventional means. Fortunately, you can significantly increase your chances by using the necessary handy dropshipping tools and software. Want to learn more about what dropshipping tools actually are and explore the options available to you? Be sure to read this article carefully as we have compiled the essential information for you!

What is a dropshipping tool?

We'll show you more about choosing the right dropshipping tools shortly. But before we do, let's take a moment to understand what a dropshipping tool actually is. Wondering what a dropshipping tool is? In essence, a dropshipping tool is nothing more than a website, program, or software that can assist you in setting up and running your own dropshipping business. Each tool is intended for a different step in the business process. With one tool, you can build a website, while another can help you identify popular products at any given moment. That's why using multiple dropshipping tools is essential if you want to achieve real success.

The Best Dropshipping Tools of the Moment

When it comes to dropshipping tools, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, not every tool is equally useful. So, which are the must-have dropshipping tools that you really need in your arsenal? Below you'll find a selection of the best dropshipping tools currently available:

  • Shopify or Ecwid

If you're just starting out with dropshipping, these should be the first dropshipping tools you use. Shopify is still the largest e-commerce platform available today. By using Shopify, you can quickly and easily set up a successful dropshipping website. Shopify and Ecwid aren't strictly dropshipping tools, but they serve as the starting point for creating your store. If you're not sure if dropshipping is right for you, you can try it out for free for 14 days. The extensive range of customizable options allows you to give your site a personal touch.

Ecwid goes a step further. With Ecwid, you can easily build your own online store and efficiently manage shipping for your products at good prices. Additionally, Ecwid integrates with major platforms like Amazon, eBay, Google Shop, and Facebook Marketplace, allowing you to consolidate all your orders in one dashboard. This streamlines order processing and saves you time that you can spend on product research or marketing.

  • Google Trends and Google Search Console

This is a must-have dropshipping tool for anyone starting out in the world of dropshipping. Google Trends is crucial for conducting professional market research. It provides valuable insights into trending searches within your industry. The tool helps you assess the competition in each trending niche and explore relevant niche keywords to optimize your advertising campaigns. Furthermore, you can discover specific seasonal trends to capitalize on products that experience significant price increases, such as during the summer. What makes this tool even better? It's completely free to use as long as you have a Google account, giving you unlimited access to the extensive databases Google has compiled over the years.

Google Trends is not the only useful tool from Google. There's also Google Keyword Planner or Google Keywords. These tools provide further insights into the specific characteristics of a particular product. If it's highly searched on Google, it likely indicates a higher demand. Perhaps you come across a product that was trending last year and you want to know if it's still popular this year. Now you can, with the guidance provided by Google.

In addition to recognizing trends, you also want to quickly identify the best-ranking keywords on Google. This is where Google Search Console comes in. It's a Google feature commonly used to determine the most searched keywords on Google. You can also see which keywords you and your competitors rank well for or not at all.

Optimizing SEO becomes faster with the right insights from the tech giant's databases. This allows you to better allocate your marketing costs and, most importantly, get your brand and products to appear on the first page of Google, where most sales occur.

  • e-pickr® Product Research Tools

Last but not least, it's wise to use a product research tool. As the name suggests, this dropshipping tool is designed to help you choose the right products for your online business. Currently, e-pickr®'s software is the go-to choice. With e-pickr®, you gain access to a database-backed data tool instead of relying on standard internet data tools. The biggest advantage is that you always have access to the latest sales trends. Online alternatives often depend on unstable scraping software that provides outdated data, which is not what you want. With e-pickr®, you'll know exactly what's in demand and where you, as an entrepreneur, should focus your efforts.

  • Marketing with Canva

Create your own designs quickly for your advertisements or Instagram posts with this handy design tool. You can choose the necessary formats and use stock images to create vibrant posts that give an extra boost to your sales results. The advantage of Canva is that you no longer depend on complex design programs, and your brand's professionalism stands out among poorly designed advertisements.

  • ASANA Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are indispensable in the world of dropshipping today. However, many entrepreneurs rightly point out that a large portion of virtual assistant agencies are located abroad, making communication challenging due to significant time zone differences. Fortunately, ASANA Virtual Assistant has addressed this issue. The company's handy tools help you track all tasks assigned to virtual assistants and provide you with the necessary tools for smooth communication. The great advantage is that you can use the software on both your phone and computer. Thanks to this dropshipping tool, the typical drawbacks of foreign virtual assistants are permanently resolved.

  • U-send as an Agency

If you already use e-pickr®'s product research tools to find your best-selling products, the next question is: how do you market them worldwide? That's where U-send comes in with a portal that allows you to request products at the best prices. Then, you simply accept your orders and pay the supplier. They will then ship the products to your customers without you having to do anything. It's the convenience of dropshipping made even easier! The great advantage of this dropshipping tool is that you receive payment from your customer before making the payment to the supplier. Essentially, you invest afterward. U-Send also has full integration with Shopify, ensuring that your orders are automatically processed quickly and without errors.

Which Dropshipping Tools Will You Choose?

We hope that today you have learned more about the importance of dropshipping tools for setting up a successful business. Without these dropshipping tools, it becomes much more challenging to reach the top. We strongly recommend installing these dropshipping tools as soon as possible for your business. If you want to learn more about e-pickr®'s research tools, be sure to visit their website. There, you'll find a wealth of information to help you get started. Before you know it, you'll have everything you need to succeed as a dropshipper!

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