07 March 2023

Amazon trends: how to find out which products to sell

This text discusses how to use Amazon trends to sell better on Amazon. Many sellers need help finding the right products to market. Using Amazon search trends, you can discover which products are currently being searched for and sold the most on Amazon. This allows you to make intelligent decisions about which products to market.

How can Amazon search trends help with sales?

Amazon trends give you insight into what consumers currently search for and buy on Amazon. The e-commerce world gets tremendous data from this billion-dollar company, which is important for your business. If you know which product sells best on Amazon, you can adjust your assortment accordingly and compete for sales.

To best adapt your product assortment to the buying behaviour of your customers, it is essential to look at the trends in their search behaviour. Suppose you are the first to know which keywords and products are trending. In that case, you can buy your inventory and place ads online faster, earning from consumers sooner than your competition. Also, by tracking search trends on Amazon, you know where competition is low enough to still participate in the market. Using this information, you can decide what products to offer and what inventory to invest in. After all, if you sell products in high demand, you have a greater chance of success and sales.

How to find Amazon trends?

1. Manual trend research

There are several ways to find Amazon trends. You can manually search for the most popular products on Amazon by looking at the most sold and viewed products on Amazon's website. For example, this gives you a small indication of which categories score well with customers. This is very time-consuming, and it often takes longer to come up with the correct conclusion. You may also overlook products if you only look for the search trends you can come up with.

2. Product research tool 

You can also use Amazon-based product research tools capable of identifying hundreds of products simultaneously. Not only does this work ten times faster, but the chance of making a human error is much less. So you have many more products and product insights at your disposal, and you can see at a glance which products sell best on Amazon.

Roadmap for finding Amazon trends for e-commerce companies:

1.           Choose the right product research tool:

Look for reputable product research tools, such as e-pickr®, that are based on Amazon data and help you identify the best-selling products on Amazon.

2.           Set your search criteria:

Create search criteria for yourself on which you base whether a product is a good fit for your sales plans. Consider the category, price, sales volume, and, for example, Niche score if you use Nichepickr.

3.           Analyze Amazon search trends:

Analyze the Amazon search trends based on the results generated by the tool. Pay attention to important factors such as sales volume, growth and popularity. Change can be found in Salespickr.

4.           Leverage these trends:

Take advantage of Amazon trends by offering products that align with these search trends to capitalize on the growing demand on Amazon. Monitor these trends and adjust your product offerings based on the latest Amazon trends. If you see too much competition (and your Competitor Check score drops), consider not purchasing new inventory or investing more time and investment in a new product.

In this way, Amazon search trends allow you to decide which products to sell and improve your sales on Amazon.

How to make sure your products sell well on Amazon?

You can do some things to make sure your products sell well on Amazon. For example, ensuring you have a good product description and product images is essential. It is also necessary to provide a competitive price and fast shipping. These are the three most accessible ways to increase your sales. In addition, you can also get more reviews. If a product has better scores, Amazon is more likely to recommend the product to customers.

You can score reviews faster by putting a short bill with each shipment asking them to give the product a review (in exchange for a coupon or a discount on their next purchase, for example). You can also email the customer to leave a review. These are easy ways to make your product more popular on Amazon. If these factors are in place, you have a greater chance of success and sales.

How can e-pickr® help find search trends?

e-pickr® is a product research tool based on Amazon data. It enables you to find the best-selling products on Amazon and provides insight into the trending products on Amazon. It's a quick and efficient way to find the right products to sell so you can get the most out of your e-commerce business.

In short, Amazon search trends can help you sell better on Amazon. By knowing what consumers are searching for and buying on Amazon, you can decide what products to offer. Using Amazon-based product research tools, such as e-pickr®, you can identify the best-selling products on Amazon and determine which products to sell. e-pickr® provides a quick and efficient way to track Amazon trends and take advantage of them by offering the right products. So, if you're looking for a way to improve your sales on Amazon, e-pickr® is the solution you're looking for.