11 April 2022

7 concrete ways to earn money quickly online

On the Internet, you will find countless ways and recommendations to earn money quickly (online). The only thing you seem to need is a laptop or computer, a nice fast internet connection and some perseverance. Sounds tempting, but is it that simple? And is every way of making money equally bright? In this article, we will puncture a few myths about making money fast (online) and give you some real tips on how to get started.

To get straight to the point: there is no such thing as getting rich quick. As far as we're concerned, there is such a thing as making quick money online, but that doesn't equate to getting rich quick... That's why we're going to help you get your first cash fast so that you can use it to work on a long-term solution. We explain what you can sell to make quick money.

7 concrete ways to make money online quickly 

1.     Empty your attic

2.     Trade in your library

3.     Sell your old electronics

4.     Create (freelance) profiles on marketplaces

5.     Give your opinion

6.     Start your own blog

7.     Start as a platform vendor

What can you sell to make money?  


1. Clear out your attic 

Our first tip is almost a no-brainer, right? We mention it because it's easy for people to mistake the value they've stored by collecting for years. If you sell everything you don't use, you'll be amazed at the amount of money you'll be left with, but perhaps more importantly, your space. Think about it: if you want to make some quick cash online from your laptop, it will be easier to do this from a tidy room or house.

2. Trade in your library 

Do you still have old (school) books taking up too much space? Please take this opportunity to sell them on, for example, Bol and clean up nicely. Especially school books that can be used for study can earn you a nice penny. Don't expect miracles from old, specific novels...

3. Sell your old electronics 

Do you have some old smartphones or laptops lying around? That's a shame because they can be sold quickly on eBay and Marktplaats. But be smart enough to empty them of all their content by deleting your data. You might need to read up on a few technical articles, but Apple and Samsung products still fetch considerable sums on the second-hand market.

How to make money online without investment? 


4. Create (freelance) profiles on markets places 

Do you have a particular specialism, or are you handy with writing texts, building websites or marketing? Then you can quickly get to work on various platforms, such as Fiverr or Upwork. You create a profile, tell about your education and relevant work experiences and from then on, you can be invited for digital jobs immediately!

5. Give your opinion! 

Did you know that many companies benefit from your opinion about products and services? And that there are companies that bundle these questions for opinions in the form of surveys. You can quickly earn yourself a pretty penny by telling them about your experiences with a product or service. You will have to work hard to make some money, but this is really not so bad for a temporary job.

How can you make money online quickly? 

Making 'quick' money online without investment will not give you much at first; if you are prepared to invest a little more, you can expect somewhat better results more quickly.

6. Start your own blog 

You probably know a subject about which you know a lot and may even have a great passion. That's great because if you start blogging about it on a structural basis, you'll attract more and more visitors. Many visitors almost always mean that you can link more and more opportunities to your blog to earn money online, for example, through affiliate marketing or adding a webshop.

7. Start as a platform seller 

If you can find a good product, which has not been used much by the competition, you can start selling it on different platforms. Remember that you will need some extra money upfront because you will need to build up a small stock or make good arrangements with suppliers or wholesalers.


You probably already felt it coming: making money online quickly often means working really hard. And chances are, it won't be as fast as you'd like. Nevertheless, in this article, we have given you some tools to get started and convert your first Euros as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please let us know if you know of any additional tips and ways to make quick money online!

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