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For all e-commerce customers who want to know how a competitor prices their products from hour to hour or for more insight into the profitability of a product, there is now the salespickr with a price tracker. Salespickr bases how well a product sells on more than 100 criteria, but not just today. No, the salespickr price tracker goes deeper than that. To be exact, up to 365 days back! Get more certainty from your data before selling a product with e-pickr®'s historical price tracker.

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More about the tool

Salespickr lets you compare historical information to real-time trends for deeper insights.

Salespickr is a new product designed to help you with your e-commerce strategy over time. Now available in Beta, development is a cycle of feedback, adaptation and improvement.

Data is updated hourly and after every feedback cycle so the Salespickr tool can provide the most relevant and accurate insights.

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